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Supply Chain &

Accounts Payable Services


TransForm uses leading healthcare supply chain practices to procure quality goods and services for our hospital members and achieve best value for money.

We select qualified and responsible suppliers and manage supplier performance effectively through transparent and standardized processes including:

  • competitive procurement process (RFx) (e.g. request for Quote, Information, Proposal)
  • award processes and contract negotiation
  • transactional purchasing of supplies and services leveraging a robust e-commerce platform
  • Contract and vendor management for goods and services including internal contracts and Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) led agreements through Mohawk MedBuy

Purchasing and Analytics

TransForm’s procurement model leverages our group purchasing and Shared Services Partners where opportunities exist. To ensure we identify and implement savings opportunities across all spend within Erie St. Clair, our Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing teams conduct market research and source products and services through value analysis, customer engagement and standardization of clinical and non-clinical products and services TransForm also works closely with our hospital members to develop purchasing strategies that meet their specific clinical needs.

For more information please read our Purchasing Policy and Supply Chain Code of Ethics.

Group Purchasing and Shared Service Partners

TransForm partners with the following organizations.

Supply Chain & Accounts Payable Services
Supply Chain & Accounts Payable Services
Supply Chain & Accounts Payable Services

Logistics, Distribution & Operations

TransForm’s Logistics and Distribution centre offers shipping and receiving services of healthcare supplies.

Currently, our warehouse is the central hub for supplies, and shipping and receiving services for Home and Community Care. The collaborative initiative between TransForm and Home and Community Care to standardize medical supplies between acute and community care was launched in 2019 and to date has helped secure over $1 million dollars in savings. The partnership was the first of its kind in the region and has also had a positive impact on patients and caregivers. TransForm’s warehouse and logistical services play a critical role in the partnership’s success.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our warehouse also became a central hub for the management and distribution of pandemic supplies to member hospitals and other health service providers in the Erie St. Clair region. Our logistics and hospital operations teams work together, to manage the coordination of hospital and community supplies, including quota development and refinement; logistics optimization; backorder and recall process management.

Accounts Payable Services

TransForm provides robust supply chain and invoice payment services and systems that help our customers generate and manage financial reports. We offer modern analytics and spending visibility that can help drive operational and financial efficiencies across your organization.

Procure to Pay

Purchase Order Management

TransForm’s transactional purchasing services help our customers achieve the following benefits:

  • Standard purchasing and payment processes followed by all customers.
  • Common and complete catalogues for sourced products and services.
  • Safe, secure and reliable transactions.

Accounts Payable

TransForm’s transactional accounts payable services help our customers achieve the following benefits:

  • Receive and pair invoices with purchase orders.
  • Provide and process payments.
  • Verify approvals for orders.
  • Process physician and employee expense payments.
  • Manage vendor revisions and additions including EFT information.

Submitting Invoices

To help ensure invoices are processed in a timely manner, we ask all suppliers/vendors to submit invoices electronically.  Suppliers/vendors must already be registered in our financial system prior to submitting invoices. Please send invoices to If you are unfamiliar with this process, please contact a member of our Supply Chain or AP team. 

To ensure proper accountability and approval, all invoices submitted must include a reference to at least ONE the following:

  • Purchase order number
  • Appropriate cost centre and account code number as provided by the customer for non-PO