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An important message for healthcare vendors during COVID-19

As Erie St. Clair’s response to COVID-19 continues to evolve, our ability to source equipment and supplies for front line healthcare workers is more important than ever.

Although TransForm remains open for business, the hospitals we serve have restricted public access as part of their pandemic response. These restrictions may impact your ability to visit Windsor Regional Hospital, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, Erie Shores HealthCare, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance and Bluewater Health.

For specific details on our member hospital’s entry points, access protocols and hours of operation, we encourage vendors to visit each location’s website in advance of arriving onsite. If you have questions about doing business with TransForm during COVID-19 - or if you are a new vendor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other urgently-needed supplies - we encourage you to contact us through



Becoming a Vendor

New Vendors who are looking for general information on bids or to respond to an RFP can visit:

TransForm Procurement Policy 

Bid Resolution Policy

Visiting TransForm and ESC Hospitals

Supplier Representatives

Supplier representatives must adhere to the following procedures to ensure safety and compliance for patients, staff and visitors. This process further ensures a fair process for all suppliers.


Initial Contact

Suppliers who have not previously dealt with the hospital must contact TransForm SSO at 519-436-1221 and speak with the Director of Strategic Sourcing, who responsible for the commodities or services in which the supplier is interested. After the initial contact, company representatives must maintain ongoing contact with TransForm SSO and keep them informed about products and services, to ensure they maintain their knowledge of the market place and hospital suppliers.


Visits/Sign In

Supplier representatives are advised to refrain from calling department directly without first contacting TransForm SSO. Purchasing specialists are responsible for keeping departments informed on newly developed products and procedures. If they feel it is mutually advantageous for a representative to contact a department or if someone in the hospital requests a visit from a representative, such arrangements can be made. Supplier representatives must sign-in with the Peri-Operative Materials Manager, not earlier than 8am, during each visit to the hospital. Casual visits to hospital departments, including administration areas, nursing units or doctors’ lounges, are not permitted. A copy of any follow-up correspondence to departments must be sent to the purchasing specialist responsible for that hospital.


Service Calls

Service or maintenance representatives can report directly to the areas needing such services or to Bio-Medical Engineering/Physical Plant Departments as specified by the purchase order or service contract agreement. A complete service report is to be left at the department of Bio-Medical Engineering or Physical Plant as stated in the assigned purchase order once the service is completed.


Samples and Demonstrations

Suppliers wishing to distribute gifts or samples to patients must request permission through TransForm SSO. Demonstration of product(s) must be scheduled through TransForm SSO as well.


Existing Vendors

Existing vendors will continue to work with the same supply chain staff they have always worked with. Please contact your existing contact person should you have any questions or concerns regarding TransForm SSO.

Vendor Policies, Ethics and Legislation

All public procurement organizations, especially those with the ability to concentrate market share and impact the competitive environment, must abide by various rules, guidelines, laws, policies and ethical standards imposed by the government, the hospitals, provincial law and the general public.


TransForm SSO is fully compliant with the Broader Public Sector Procurement and Expense Directives and inter-provincial trade agreements, Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). As well, TransForm SSO has policies in place to inform its business practices, including:


Accountability: Organizations must be accountable for the results of their procurement decisions and the appropriateness of the processes.

Organizations must be transparent to all stakeholders. Wherever possible, stakeholders must have equal access to information on procurement opportunities, processes and results.

Value for Money:
Organizations must maximize the value they receive from the use of public funds. A value-for-money approach aims to deliver goods and services at the optimum total lifecycle cost.

Quality Service Delivery:
Front-line services provided by organizations, such as teaching and patient care, must receive the right product, at the right time, in the right place.

Process Standardization:
Standardized processes remove inefficiencies and create a level playing field.

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