Strategic Sourcing

TransForm’s strategic sourcing team provides member hospitals with ongoing support in sourcing a variety of clinical and non-clinical products and services, with a focus on achieving best value. TransForm works with clinicians and business representatives to award contracts based on the evaluation of specific criteria.

The sourcing team manages all contracts for the five member hospitals for goods, supplies, equipment and services. TransForm’s integrated approach uses teams in two key areas: category management and product standardization.

Category Management

To guide and focus the work, TransForm has developed an integrated contract management plan that identifies opportunities for combining individual hospital requirements into regional contracts.

Product Standardization

Product standardization is critical in maximizing supply chain value to the hospitals. Standardization decreases the number of products and systems that are used. Consolidating hospital volumes into regional product catalogs reduces the purchase price for standard items as well as decreasing inventory that must be kept on hand. Standardization improves the effectiveness and the efficiency of supply chain services and results in significant savings that TransForm redistributes to its member hospitals.

Innovation Procurement

Innovation procurement is the purchase of solutions that do not exist in the market, or need to be adapted or improved to meet specified needs and create value for users and/or the purchasing organization.


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