Strategic Planning


Each year the Board of Directors holds a full-day retreat. This annual event serves two purposes: 1) Directors hear first hand about external factors impacting the delivery of health services from a more regional and provincial perspective – this year Mike Nader, Chief Transformation Officer for Ontario Health spoke about managing the clinical supply chain across Ontario; and 2) it allows Directors to delve deeper into opportunities which will allow TransForm to further its strategic priorities and goals.

Since the inaugural Retreat in 2013, the Strategic Directions have remained the same –  Service, Performance, Innovation and People, but our goals continue to evolve to meet the needs of the organization. and its customers, as we adapt to the every-changing health services landscape. For 2020, strategic discussions focused on the continued implementation of a new hospital information system across the region, the provincial supply chain strategy, and the role TransForm will plan in supporting Ontario Health Teams.


Strategic Goals:

Goal #1 - Digital Health Strategy

TransForm will strive to be a provincial leader in setting the direction and delivery of digital health solutions to our Members, customers and Ontario Health Teams.

Goal # 2 - Health System Advancement 

TransForm will advance health system effectiveness by enhancing value for our Members, customers and partners.

Goal #3 - Organizational Excellence

TransForm will take steps to foster a culture of organizational excellence that includes service delivery, administration and governance.

 Each goal will be supported by TransForm's four strategic directions. 

 We will provide exceptional service to our member hospitals and customers.


We will provide maximum value to our member hospitals and the customers we serve.

By leading change we will create new opportunities that improve the health system.

We will create an environment that supports our people as they strive for personal excellence.

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