Strategic Planning
On October 22, 2015 TransForm’s board of directors held its second strategic planning retreat. Having gone through a rigorous process in 2013 that resulted in the organization’s inaugural vision, mission and values, as well as strategic priorities of Service, Performance, Innovation and People, the 2015 retreat focused on a refresh of TransForm’s strategic directions.

Working with the Output Report from the retreat, which identified emerging themes for each strategic priority, draft strategic goals for 2016 to 2018 were crafted by senior administration and approved by the board of directors at their meeting on November 30, 2015.

Strategic Directions:

 We will provide exceptional service to our member hospitals and customers.

  • Define a customer service culture, through bi-directional feedback with customers and inclusive of service level objectives.

  • Develop an operating model that ensures alignment to support TransForm's customer service culture.

  • Develop and execute a plan to increase connectivity with all staff levels within our customer organizations.

We will provide maximum value to our member hospitals and the customers we serve.

  • Establish and achieve Operational Performance Indicator (OPI) targets using benchmark data where available.

  • Increase growth by establishing and implementing a process to explore: current service offerings to current members; new service offerings to current members; and current service offerings to new members.

  • Develop, measure and report operational efficiency standards across all divisions while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

  • Develop a critical decision path, cost plan and implications for TransForm for the regionalization of an HIS.

 By leading change we will create new opportunities that improve the health system.

  • Work with existing partners and others to attract new funding and drive innovation.

  • Solidify strategic partnerships, including resource support, to enable member driven health system innovation.

  • Develop a culture and agility to proactively enable innovation.

  • Assist member hospitals in selecting and adopting innovative technologies including the adoption of a Regional Hospital Information System. 

We will create an environment that supports our people as they strive for personal excellence.

  • Implement TransForm's people strategy and evolve to reflect a regional mindset.

  •  Develop effective resource allocation and management strategy.

  • Develop a people plan to support a regional HIS.

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