Strategic Planning

At the February 14, 2018, TransForm board meeting, the board of directors approved the 2018/19 to 2019/20 strategic plan, reconfirming TransForm's strategic directions of Service, Performance, Innovation, and People. As well, the board approved three strategic goals that will become the focus of the organization for the next two fiscal years. 

The goals outline TransForm's role in assisting member hospitals, along with identifying complementary growth opportunities that benefit the region. By continuing to promote the growth and development of our staff, as well as our culture of continuous improvement, TransForm is also recommitting to our service excellence standards and accountability to our customers.

Strategic Goals:

Goal #1 - Digital Health Strategy

TransForm will strive to be a provincial leader in setting the direction and delivery of digital health solutions to its members, the ESC LHIN and SW Ontario.

Goal # 2 - Growth Strategy

TransForm will develop a growth strategy that leverages existing expertise and explores opportunities to provide additional back office services to its members and the ESC LHIN.

Goal #3 - Organizational Excellence

TransForm will take steps to foster a culture of organizational excellence that includes service delivery, administration and governance.

 Each goal will be supported by TransForm's four strategic directions. 

 We will provide exceptional service to our member hospitals and customers.


We will provide maximum value to our member hospitals and the customers we serve.

By leading change we will create new opportunities that improve the health system.

We will create an environment that supports our people as they strive for personal excellence.

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