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Our People Working together for better healthcare

Our People

Performance-driven with a passion to transform

Our employees across all areas of our organization are committed to improving value and transforming the healthcare system together. TransForm makes its people a priority by constantly adapting to create an environment that supports employees as they strive for personal excellence.

What Our People Say

Our People

“The best part of my job is improving the customer experience and making life easier for all of my customers.”

“I find comfort knowing the supplies I source are being used to save lives.”

“Doing work that is meaningful for hospital staff is important to me.”

“I know my effort is making a positive impact in the community, and specifically to patient care.”

Ready to Join Our Team?

Our organization thrives on teamwork, collaboration, respect and accountability and our team takes a strategic approach to satisfying our members’ needs. We know our employees accomplish the greatest results when they work together for a common goal: to lead innovation and change to achieve health system transformation.

Our People

GOLD Standard in Workplace Wellness

– Chatham-Kent Public Health Workplace Wellness Program

Employee Recognition

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