Governance & Leadership

As a shared service organization, our governance is one of our best resources. Our board of directors is comprised of representative from each of the five member hospitals, four independent community representatives, and one member representing TransForm's customers.

Our corporate governance model and our practices focus on our obligations to operate successfully in the best interest of our stakeholders and on creating long term value. The model supports leadership and strategies; minimizes risk and provides an integrated framework for exchange and continuous building.

TransForm Shared Service Organization governance ensures:

  • accountability

  • transparency

  • effectiveness and efficiency

  • receptiveness

  • participation

Our Senior Leadership

From planning and strategy to technology and healthcare, TransForm’s senior leadership team consists of executive professionals, who offer a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our leaders are actively involved in TransForm’s day to day operations and their visionary leadership influences everything we do in the delivery of exceptional service to our members. This helps provide insight, innovation and experience and making big ideas come to life.


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