The e-VOLVE project brings together five hospitals in the Erie St. Clair (ESC) region to transform the way clinical services are delivered, by equipping the region with a modern hospital information system (HIS).


e-VOLVE Vision Statement 

“To transform the delivery of safe quality care and an exceptional patient experience through an optimized provincial hospital information system.”

This will be achieved by:
  • Working collaboratively with one shared vision: What is best for our patients.
  • This project will be a clinical transformation led by clinicians with patients and clinicians as our priorities. It is not an Information Technology project.
  • We will strive to continually improve our outcomes and processes.
  • We will foster a culture of evidenced based care.

e-VOLVE Guiding Principles

  1. Decision-making must be patient-centric and focused on quality of care and patient safety
  2. There must be regionalization and standardization except where localization will impact quality of care and patient safety
  3. The system must use provincial content and customization will be limited to factors that impact quality of care and patient safety
  4. Design must promote information continuity
  5. Governance must enable nimble decision-making to allow for definitive decisions
  6. Design must be forward-thinking and consider how the region fits into the broader healthcare system
  7. The system must support the privacy and security of patient data and meet all legislative requirements

e-VOLVE Project Goals

  • Better patient outcomes that can be measured and monitored
    • Examples of patient outcomes could be fewer adverse events, medication errors, etc.
  • Enhance patient safety and improve patient experience
    • Examples of this goal could mean faster access to care resulting in lower wait times for DI, lab results, etc.
  • Streamline clinical workflow – “entered once and used by many”
    • Examples of this goal could be patients only having to tell their “story” once, rather than repeat it to separate clinicians/departments
  • Standardize and Regionalize
    • Examples of this goal would be having a standard medication reconciliation process across the region to improve how clinicians work
  • Facilitate health information exchange between and among other care providers and levels of the healthcare system
    • Examples would be a patient moving from one hospital to another and across departments/clinics seamlessly
  • Use clinical decision support to enable optimized patient-specific treatment plans
    • Examples of clinical decision support at the point of care could refer to notifications, alerts and the ability to trend patient data
  • Utilize data analytics to achieve efficient reporting, clinically relevant research, and optimal performance of our healthcare systems
    • Examples of this goal would be using patient-outcome data collected from the HIS to contribute to system improvements

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