ConnectingOntario and the connecting South West Ontario (cSWO) Program

ConnectingOntario is a provincial initiative funded by eHealth Ontario that’s making individuals’ health information from across the continuum of care available at any point of care in a timely and secure fashion. In south west Ontario, it is being delivered by the cSWO Program in alignment with Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care and is key to the provincial health care transformation agenda.

The cSWO Program includes an integrated electronic health record and a regional clinical viewer integrated to local and provincial information sources, to enable health care professionals to continue to provide south west Ontario residents with excellent care. In addition, the regional ehealth program incorporates a number of related services, such as data support, adoption and change management, project management, privacy management and policy development.

In south west Ontario, the program is being delivered through four Change Management & Adoption Delivery Partners. In the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network, responsibility for this service belongs to TransForm. Since 2012, TransForm’s cSWO Team have been hard at work with local health service providers to facilitate the business and technical adoption of program solutions and standards into the regular delivery of care.

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