Clinical Data Repository

eHealth Ontario’s ConnectingOntario clinical data repository (CDR) initiative supports patients by providing care teams with a central point of access to an up-to-date, integrated care record.

Starting with clinician-identified priority data, the initiative will leverage health care organizations and provincial ehealth repositories to provide access to discharge summaries, consultation reports, emergency department reports, visits and encounters, community care access centres, diagnostic imaging, and lab results, and improving the timeliness of care decisions by reducing duplicate tests and procedures and better supporting care transition points. In the future, providers will also have access to digital imaging common services, the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) and the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR).

In Erie St. Clair, responsibility for the development of an interface enabling hospitals to contribute acute care data is the responsibility of TransForm’s cSWO program. Upon completion, the region’s hospitals will be the first to be completely aligned with the provincial solution and their data will be available to clinicians and care providers around the province, providing them with the data they need to make care decisions.

To find out more, contact TransForm’s cSWO Program Change Management and Adoption delivery team at:

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